Project Management Training

My project management training not just covers the basics but also the pitfalls you should avoid.

What is project management

We will cover the history of project management and the emergance of Agile Scrum to meet the evolving needs of customers.

Project success and failure

My training will look at what project success and failure looks like and how scope creep can be either the biggest threat or opportunity.

We will also look at case studies that illuminate effective stakeholder management.

Culture Shock

Project managers need to be equipped to understand how to handle culture shock, particularly if transitioning a team from Waterfall to Agile Scrum.  My training will help identify opportunities to reduce the negative effects of culture shock.

Agile Manifesto and 12 Principles

We will examine the Agile manifesto and how it came into being.  The 12 principles will be interpreted to show how the project managers can align them to new and existing projects to increase client satisfaction.

Improving Client Satisfaction and Quality

We will look at Scrum approaches which lend themselves to improved customer collaboration leading to raised quality standards.  This includes making use of prototyping and minimal viable products or minimal marketable products.

Enhanced Team Performance

My training includes strategies to enhance your team performance by c

  1. transparency,
  2. inspection
  3. and adaptation

I will also look at the effect of waste on a team’s performance.

Comparing and contrasting different methods of project delivery

Agile Scrum is not the only means by which to deliver high quality products to the customer.

In this session I will compare and contrast how project managers may decide to use a different approach including Lean, Waterfall or XP.

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