Website Design Training

I have created a Udemy course on how to build and sell websites.

The course initially came about from what I taught (in the old days) at Coventry University.

I very much enjoyed helping students to build and sell websites.

Being mindful that technology changes, I choose WordPress as it is by and large the world’s favourite content management system.

If you take my course within minutes you can have a website up and running.  By the end of the course you can have a portfolio of websites which you can sell and what’s more no hosting nor coding skills are required.

You will build three WordPress websites comprising an eCommerce website for a retailer, a restaurant website with food options and a freelancer showcase website.

I also teach you how to sell your professional WordPress websites to new prospects and how to prepare for meeting new customers.

You will also learn how to deal with objections and questions from your customers when selling WordPress websites and make a decent profit.


I no longer teach at university and therefore will not be updating this course. My primary focus is on delivering successful projects.

If you need a website, I will happily recommend friends who are excellent website designers.

Best of luck.

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