Website Design Training

Welcome to the Build WordPress Websites FAST with NO Coding and Sell Them Free webinar.

You should have received an invitation, please remember to install the software first on your device or computer before joining the session.  If you want to use your camera and microphone that is fine, please test them beforehand.  Otherwise you will be able to send a message using your keyboard or accessibility device.

The session will include a chance to ask questions and if all of them cannot be answered, I will do so afterwards.  The session will also be recorded so not to miss anything.  The recording will not be shared or made public.

Here is the session link:

Time of session on Saturday 20 January 2018:

EST: 13:00

CST: 12:00 noon

PST: 10:00

WordPress Build Websites With NO Coding and Sell Them

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